What I’m Doing Now


Wednesday, August 2, 2017 4:30PM PDT

Working with a personal trainer. He offered to train me for free and I was tired enough of feeling lethargic and overweight that I thought I would be willing to follow through with changing my lifestyle so I accepted his offer. My goals are to have enough energy to carry me through the day and so that I require 6-7 hours of sleep rather than 8-9. It’s been great! I exercise regularly now with about one rest day per week and I’m trying not to lose more than one pound per week, but I’ve already lost about ten pounds in two weeks. I use a Garmin 920XT with Garmin Connect, MyFitnessPal, and Training Peaks. It’s a lot of fun to see the metrics and the technology allows it to take very little time to track progress.

Looking for a date. Know of anyone? Set me up!

Reading a lot. Trying not to read too much as it’s often only a first step and ends up being a way for me to hide out from doing. Recently finished: Hillbilly Elegy (marathon read in 1 day!), On the Shortness of Life: Life is Long if You Know How to Use It. Recently started: Bill and Dave, Designing Your Life. Reading now: The Biology of Belief, Be My Guest, The Lean Startup, Drug Dealer MD, The Lessons of History, Writing My Wrongs, Living Within Limits, The Consolations of Philosophy.

Practice journaling via 5 Minute Journal format and Irrational Ventures’ Perfect Notebook. Writing and sending three letters per day or 15 per week as described in Guy Spier’s The Education of a Value Investor. In reality this is only three per week, but I’m working toward 15.

Working at Stanford University as a Research Accountant in the Sponsored Receivables Management group responsible for billing for work conducted according to agreements (grants, contracts, etc.) with the university’s sponsors and clients.

Looking forward to an upcoming trip to New York City for value investing event Latticework hosted by John Mihaljevic and Shai Dardashti of MOI Global.

Aspirations: This is the section for the stuff I plan to do each day, but it’s just not fitting in at the moment.

Coauthoring a value investing case study with Brian Stout for the forthcoming re-release of the Maurece Schiller books on special situations. We’ll see if it gets published.

Applying lessons learned from The Zurich Project. One of the lessons was the importance of being clear about who one is, what one is trying to accomplish, and what principles one will follow to accomplish it. In addition, a common theme for me has been that I need to learn more through doing and perhaps a little less from reading additional new material. As a result of these two insights, I’m going through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Four Hour Work Week to complete all the exercises. I also wrote a Partner’s Manual since romantic relationships have been an area of focus. I feel there has been some inefficiency in my dating process since I’ve been unclear about what I want.

Blog regularly, even if only for 10 minutes per day.